A busy week…


Right now I work 8 days in a row and 6 days off. I’m a nurse, on night shift, and I drew the short straw. I don’t care much for the schedule and am hoping it will change this summer.

Disclaimer: one of those 8 days is an “on call” shift and that means I sit at home anxiously hoping they do not call me into work. Also, I have a second job and find it easier to tack on that extra shift at the beginning of my work week rather than trying to pull an all nighter in the middle of my off week.



Adam and I were able to accomplish so much around the house since I was finished with the semester. He only has two finals… so he’s done pretty much too. Until next week 

Adam is really good about keeping up with daily household activities like dishes, laundry, and swiffering. Is that a word? swiffering I know y’all know what I’m talking about

Nevertheless the house needed some more serious attention. After the mess was cleared it was time to finish some long awaited projects.


I saw an oversized chalkboard on Pinterest and Adam liked it also. He took the idea and ran with it. We have a lot of blank space on our walls. We rent. So, a large wall of reclaimed wood or some other sort of statement is not an option.


He bought one piece of wood and cut it lengthwise to make the four edges. You could easily buy 4 pieces of wood already cut to the width you’d like.

Also, he decided to cut the corners in 45 degree angles. An easier option would be to use the already flat edges and simple glue and “hook” them together with small brackets.



The actual chalkboard portion is a very thin piece of plywood painted with chalkboard paint. This was a very simple and inexpensive project that takes up so much of that blank space I hate.



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