My Military Ball Experience

You see pictures of these women in beautiful dresses and men looking handsome in their uniforms. Military and formal balls are a chance to get all fancy and see your man in his dress uniform.


It’s like grown up prom, right?

Basically…Except there isn’t a king or queen crowned.

We attended the Seabee Ball in Gulfport in March of 2015. Adam was a member of a specific part of the Navy called the Seabees. They had their own ball each year. We could have also attended Navy ball.

IMG_6796 (1)

Adam separated from the Navy in June of 2015. I begged him to go to the ball knowing it would be our last chance. Each year I wanted to go, but his coworkers always made fun of the people that attended!

Let me tell you what…We had a blast. I don’t know what their issues were with ball, but it wasn’t at all what they ragged about.


My advice to anyone attending any sort of formal ball…

Go with a group. We had so much fun with our group. I honestly didn’t even know them very well. Like I mentioned, our closest friends did not care to attend.

Wear a dress and shoes you won’t be worried about all night. You don’t want to pulling on Spanx and a strapless bra all night. Trust me, y’all!


Don’t listen to anyone else about whether or not you should go. It’s not that expensive to go. The cost of tickets & a dress. Go and decide for yourself if you like military balls.

Finally, don’t be “that wife.” That wife is the one that gets hammered, acts like a fool, and dresses like a skank. You don’t want to be the talk of the office on Monday.


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