Weekend in St. Louis

Adam’s grandparents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, and all the kids and grandkids met in St. Louis to celebrate. I had never been to St. Louis! We made a fun packed weekend out of it. We also took my niece, Savannah, who is 7 years old.


She had a blast! The city is definitely somewhere we will travel back to with our own children. Not that you have to have kids to enjoy the city. There is definitely plenty to do without them 🙂


We arrived late Friday night and headed straight to his aunt & uncle’s house for dinner. Saturday morning we woke up and went to the City Museum just as it was opening. We had to limit our visit to just 3-4 hours due to a tight schedule. It would have been possible to spend all day there. Savannah had a blast. There were more caves, slides, and stairs than I could count.


We had lunch at Blue’s City Deli. The line was out the door and pretty long, but we were through it and had our food in less than 30 minutes. I would recommend it!


We went back to the hotel for showers & naps. I ran to the mall in Chesterfield to buy a gift. We stayed in Chesterfield. Perfectly quaint suburb not far from the city. That night we had more family plans & the following morning family pictures.


Sunday afternoon we visiting the historic courthouse, Arch, and the Anheuser-Busch brewery. We parked downtown in a parking garaged and took an Uber to each of our locations.


The courthouse was very neat. It was free & where you could purchase tickets (other than online) for the Arch. There were exhibits & videos.

The Arch was neat, but not my favorite. It was 100+ degrees with the heat index that day. The top of the arch is obviously small & very hot! There was a lot of people in that tiny space! The view was spectacular and definitely worth doing once.


We took the free brewery tour, with Adam’s sister & brother-in-law,IMG_9734 which lasted about 15-30 minutes. The brewery was really cool to see. The process, machinery, and history was very interesting. Savannah even slightly enjoyed it…until she knocked over someone’s drink in the restaurant area and the staff said they didn’t have a mop???? Anyways..We used a lot of napkins 🙂


We drove back home Sunday after sightseeing. I wish we could have spent more time. There are so many free things to do like the science center & zoo. Of course catching a Cardinal’s game would have been pretty awesome too!