Traveling Texas

Adam & I took a week and traveled from San Antonio up to Dallas. We visited San Antonio, Austin, Waco, Fort Worth, and Dallas. We flew into San Antonio on a Saturday and flew out of Dallas the next Saturday.

Here goes the first couple of days…

We flew out of Nashville and straight to San Antonio! Wheels up…


We picked up our car rental and headed right for the River Walk. I had been here when I was younger, but this was Adam’s first trip to Texas!

It was raining…yay…just a bit of foreshadowing for the next seven days. We ate lunch at the Iron Cactus, on the River Walk, and it was delicious!


What are the chances of finding this flag on the River Walk!? By the way…This is a definitely a military town. There was so many service men and women!


We ate at the Esquire Tavern that night which is on the River Walk. It was a neat atmosphere, but more of a bar than a restaurant. The food was good…that’s what counts right?

So…we had never booked with AirBnb, but thought it was worth it for this trip with all the traveling, eating, and trying to save a little bit of money. Oh my goodness… We should have trusted our gut when we pulled into this neighborhood.

Long story short…We stayed one night in the one we had booked and then decided to stay downtown in a hotel the next night. The rest of our bookings were great.


Sunday morning we ate at the Magnolia Pancake Haus. We waited almost an hour and it was totally worth it. I got the Stonewall Ranch Breakfast and Adam got the Peach and Pecan Waffle. They were both good, but his waffle was better.

We went to the Alamo. It was a bit anticlimactic, but it is free and worth waiting in line to see.


We found Davy Crockett! He’s from Tennessee, y’all!

Later that afternoon we went over to Pearl Brewery. Most everything was closed because it was Sunday afternoon. It was a super neat area and worth seeing. We had appetizers at the Boiler House which is located in the Pearl area.

That evening we walked around down town and the River Walk and then went to Mi Tierra Cafe for a late night dinner. It’s open 24 hours, has a bakery, and Christmas decorations up year around. If you go to San Antonio you have to go to Mi Tierra!

The next post is all about Austin!


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