Waco, Magnolia, and Spice Village

It’s about time I finish blogging about this trip. Time’s ticking!

We left Austin early because of all the rain and went to Waco. One of my best friends from nursing school moved to Waco earlier in the summer and we were able to stay with them! It was so great to see Heather & Jason!


Heather & me at nursing graduation practice last year!

We had planned on going to BSR Cable Park in Waco but of course the rain ruined that plan.

We arrived late Tuesday night and stayed up too late talking. We finally went to bed and got up early the next morning and headed out for a Magnolia adventure!


838 #milestomagnolia from Cookeville, TN to Waco!


The silos were incredible to see! The ground were beautiful. There was free parking and a free trolley to the Silos. Also, the trolley will take to you to other spots in town including Spice Village. We will get to that soon…


We went to the bakery and got yummy cupcakes. Heather got a bacon biscuit. It was the more appropriate choice since it was before lunch, but we couldn’t pass up a cupcake at this bakery!

The seed story & fairy gardens were cute. We bought some t-shirts and a mug.

After the silos we rode the trolley to Spice Village. I didn’t take any pictures…boo! It is an open concept collage of boutiques with tons of cute stuff that I could spend all my money on! Definitely stop there & see Baylor’s campus if you ever go to Waco.


We went to Clint’s store! All Adam wanted to do was see the ACTUAL shop. Obviously we couldn’t do that. By the way, their house that was on Fixer Upper is literally next door. They don’t live there anymore, but now you can rent it out.

We saw a couple of other the houses featured on the show. We ate lunch at Vitek’s BBQ. Super good…Heather said it was featured on Fixer Upper. I believe her. She said all the kids were saying, “I want a gut pack.” The gut pack was good. Haha!


We drove by the Magnolia House. Everything they touch just seems to turn to gold! I love their style! Later that night we went to Chuy’s for dinner. Heather & Jason had not been before. We have one in our home town and go almost every time we are home. Yummy.

That was our Magnolia adventure! Magnolia, Spice Village, Clint’s store, and driving around to see all the fixer uppers! Such a fun time.