A day in Fort Worth

Considering all the rain we ditched our plans of Cable Park in Waco and headed to Fort Worth.


Bye, Waco! It actually worked out pretty well. We had extra time to split between Forth Worth & Dallas.

We went straight to the historic stock yards in Forth Worth. I was not missing the cattle drive at 11:30!


We got there a little early. There were a lot of kids there on a field trip. All the men on the horses had microphones. It was a short little program talking about herding and branding. Pretty neat to this city girl!


Then we watched the cattle drive. The steers were so close!


Then I sat on one…yes, it’s a real steer! When we got back to Tennessee all the girls at work were talking about the fake cow. Um, no! It was real!

We walked down to Joe T. Garcia’s for lunch. It was excellent! We would go again 🙂

We didn’t pay to go into any of the museums in the stockyards. We felt like we saw and learned plenty without.

We headed back to our hotel and hung out for a little bit. We stayed in downtown Fort Worth.

Later that evening we had dinner at….In-N-Out burger. Fancy, huh?

We headed to Billy Bob’s Texas, the world’s largest honky tonk.


We had a lot of fun dancing and watching other people dance. I did my fair share of line dancing in college. Y’all, Tennesseans and Texans do not dance anything alike!


These expressions capture our true feelings about our lack of Texan line dancing skills. We hung out for quite a while. Danced, drank, and listened to the band. 🙂 A great evening and day in Fort Worth.



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