We’re parents!

In September Adam and I started taking classes to become licensed foster parents through the state of Tennessee. We had looked into private agencies as well, but knowing we wanted younger children the agencies suggested we go through the state. img_0025

We went every Saturday for two months. A couple of weeks after we finished our home study writer contacted us and we began that process. Thankfully it was relatively painless! She came once, we had everything ready except for an emergency phone number list, and then she just dropped by two more times. That was it! Then we waited, waited, and waited.

Finally I emailed the DCS employee we had become familiar with through our classes. Turns out our background checks from Mississippi hadn’t come back and long story short we did that paperwork again. We were really hoping to be approved by Christmas.

Christmas came and went without any notification of approval.  IMG_9063.JPG

Then came New Year’s and we were still waiting for the final word of approval.

Then on January 4 we got an email saying we were approved! Yay! Now the waiting really began. Truthfully I was worried about getting calls for children that I knew we just were not prepared to take in, but that definitely did not happen!

Two days later Adam missed a call and the voicemail was the placement worker from DCS! Adam quickly called me and gave me her number. I called her back and she was glad that he got her message and forwarded the information to me.

It was on a Friday, it was very snowy, and the roads were bad. All of which played into how fast the transition had to happen. The worker filled me in a two sisters and their story. My initial instinct was of course to say yes…which I basically did before I called Adam back. We said YES! Then things started to happen very quickly.

I went home from work, picked up Adam, we went to Walmart to pick up some basic supplies, and then picked up the girls! And just like that we were parents.

More to come 🙂